Friday, July 09, 2010

Mr. Boy turns 7

Mr. Boy
On this birthday, I sit to write you a note and tell you how much I enjoy being your mom. I want you to know how much fun I have with you. Each and every day you make me laugh out loud by your actions or comments. You are a funny guy and your adventurous spirit makes every day an adventure. It has been pointed out several times this year by other mom's how funny you are, and how they love having you around because you fill their homes with laughter. Mr. Boy, you have a STRONG personality, you are persistent, stubborn, persuasive, and it makes for some long tough days, but I love it. I do not fear your adulthood, because I know you are going to grow up and be a great leader. On those tough days where I feel like I'm constantly having to resist your persistence and persuasion to keep the family on track, I remind myself this is a talent. It is a talent that will lead to your great success... or your downfall if you are not careful.
Years from now when you and your therapists read this and try to figure out how I ruined your life, this is probably the year that did you in. I look back on this past year and, buddy, you got the short end of the stick. I'm very sorry... but I promise you it is going to be worth it. We started you at a new school in the fall where you thrived! You made friends easily, your teacher loved you, and then BAM... we moved into a tiny house, and then practically tore it down. Your new school was fine, the teacher... she didn't have a sense of humor, and life has been chaotic. You have made friends, but it has been tough.
Amid all these challenges have come great opportunities. Mr. Boy... we live on the side of a mountain! Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Exploring the great outdoors has been the best new activities we do as a family. You and Dad love to go on long hikes on Saturdays. This new house will be amazing, and in a few short weeks the workmen will go home. It's not going to last forever, and soon we will forget all the inconveniences. One of the good things about this construction, we are always looking to get out of the chaos. You and I have started a nightly routine of looking for cool new spots to read in the evening. These are my favorite moments, as we dive into a book and eat Popsicles. Mr. Boy, you are Exuberant. There is no other word that fits you as well. You have such a zest for life and it is contagious. I love it. I'm a better person with you in my life. This year you have been obsessed with Legos and discovered the joy of a good taco. You and Dad can talk and play with Legos for days on end. I love having Lego battles with you and watching you build amazing creations. As a giant Mexican food fan, married to a "Burger Guy", I'm ecstatic to have someone to share a good taco with. I've always said you can break America down into two demographics..."Burger people" or "Burrito people". Taco's are close enough. One of the other things you have become obsessed with is Relaxipants (tm), you wear them daily and I love it. You wear them everywhere, and when I do laundry, I'm amazed by the items I find in the pants pockets. You are most definitely a boy. One of the more comical experiences of the year has been your discovery of the term "jinx". You recently learned about the phrase and have tried it out in all sorts of situations. When you were reciting your math facts in unison as a class, you stood up and jinxed the class when they recited the answer of 5+4=9. The entire class, remained quiet much to the teacher's dismay, until she recited each of their names to un-jinx them. She told me this during a parent teacher conference where I failed to stifle a chuckle. She told me, "It's not funny Madamoiselle Francais." Which made me laugh even harder that I was being scolded. It was not one of my finer mom moments. But it is SO funny, and so clever, and I'm not sure if that makes me a horrible mom that I find it hysterical or the perfect mom for a child like you. Hopefully, next year your teacher will enjoy your personality.
This year you have honed your negotiating skills. It is a constant, "mom, I know you said no, but what if we just do a little bit now... " etc. You have also learned that it "Never hurts to ask", and it has worked to your advantage. When we have gone out to eat, you will always ask for an extra toy while batting your big blue eyes. It drives us crazy, and even worse you almost always get what you ask for. We aren't sure how to teach you that, "You don't always get what you want." if people are falling victim to your handsome good looks.

Mr. Boy, I still can't believe you are seven. It seems like just yesterday I was holding you and dancing in the moonlight to Van Morrison next to your crib. Now you are gone all day at school and I hate it. I miss you terribly while you are gone. Life is much more fun when you are around.
You are so lucky to have so much opportunity in your life, even though the news on TV paints a different picture. I want to remind you to be compassionate and kind. In today's world the nice guy doesn't always win, but at least he finishes with integrity. I've often told you that being a nice kind hearted person will unlock the world's riches. Not necessarily material wealth.
I love you Mr. Boy, may this be your best year yet.
Love, Mom


Cimblog (tm) said...

Mr. Boy...You're a crazy kid that I adore!

Davis Family said...

your kid is awesome! our house loves him.

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Brooke said... these birtday letters - they are such a good tradition. Happy b-day to Mr. Boy - wish we lived closer.