Monday, July 26, 2010

Construction Update July 26

Things are moving along at Chalet du Francais. The trash pile is getting bigger, and the house is looking more like... well a house. (psst.. I caught Sandy mid-sneeze.) What kind of doors do you think we picked? Why, French Doors of course! Hello Rupert! (and his exhausted mama) They have been keeping a close watch on the construction. Rupert has been entertaining the Juan's.*Up until this point it's been all 2x4's and hammers. Now the pretty stuff is being delivered like flooring!I came home to find this waiting for me. Ooooo I cannot wait to show you what is inside! Check out my fancy doorbell. When you arrive at the house, just take those two wires and cross them to ring the bell.
On the inside, walls are going up.
And the kitchen is empty... which means we are hitting the local eateries... but it's taking shape.
* There are five guys on the construction crew all named Juan. It makes it easy to ask for help, just call out, "Juan!" and someone will come to your aid. Even the contractor and foremen say, "Just ask one of the Juans." The crew is here 6 days a week and we love them like family. They annoy us, make us laugh, and are helpful. Juan has become an endearing term for anyone we love.


Fern said...

In law school I was in a study group with three Amys. We had a lot of laughs about that.

Where are you guys living while your house is remodeled? It looks like you've gutted it?

Mary said...

I had a dream about your kitchen last night.