Monday, December 06, 2010

Dec 6th

I promised myself that I would blog about our holiday activities for 25 days, because it would force me to do "Holiday Activities" with my family. I carry around a lot of guilt about the lackluster ho-hum Christmas of '09 and also '05. (Don't worry kids, instead of putting money in a college fund, mama put some cash in a fund marked "Future Therapy" with your name on it to make up for Christmas past.)
I like doing festive things with my family, and this commitment to my blog helps me remember to not get so distracted by flashy cabanas and pool tile, and focus on the family. However, I find that some of the content is a bit drab, so I'm sprinkling it with other non-holiday events. Such as my friend EllJayJay's birthday.

I've known EllJayJay since the dawn of time, or at least since I was 18. She knew me when I was foolish and young and she still liked me! She knows a handful of dark secrets, including the real reason I only had half an eyebrow in 2001. She mentioned on her birthday that she would like to go to a fine dining establishment in Hollywood for lunch. Did I tell you EllJayJay doesn't really like to be embarrassed? So I picked her up with my windows rolled down, and as I snapped this picture I rolled the windows up.
This Christmas I'm grateful for Crayola Window Markers! Because they allow me to do this... and this...
I drove EllJayJay around town, making sure to honk and wave at all the nice people, so they could see it was her birthday. We drove by Mr. Man's office and honked until everyone in his office knew that I was his wife, and it was EllJayJay's birthday. Then we picked up Cinnamon from "The Lot" which is Hollywood talk for "The Studios" as in where moving pictures and television are made.
We took EllJayJay to the Taco Bell that has framed autographs covering the ceilings of childhood actors who you never heard of. Like that one guy who was in that one episode of Silver Spoons. We are fancy like that, but actually Taco Bell holds a special place in our relationship.
***Grab your hankie, you will cry.****
Back when EllJayJay and Cinnamon were roommates and we were all just young kids living in a LA with a hope and a dream.... they got into some trouble. A day at the beach without sunscreen had turned them into lobsters, they were doing the sunburn stroll, where you walk around without bending. They called me, even though we'd only really known each other a few weeks and asked if I would bring them some Taco Bell.
Being young and broke, I had $3 to my name, but I could sense the duress and peril in their voice. I took 16 buses to get to Taco Bell, and another 4 buses to get to their house to deliver their Tacos & Meximelts. I used my very last dollar on their meal. Thus sealing our friendship forever.
For the record, EllJayJay claims that I actually drove my fairly new car to her house, and that it was not even close to my last dollar, but tough luck birthday girl, this is my blog, so my version stands.
Oh, and also, for our Holiday Activity on December 6th... We humiliated the dogs.
Skoopi refused to wear the red nose, looks like someone is gonna be on the naughty list.


Laura (aka EllJayJay) said...

Aw, the annual dog humiliation pic! I can't believe that my high falutin' Hollywood power lunch took precedence over Sandy and Skoopi! I feel so blessed!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great friend. Taco Bell lunches and humiliation! You're da bomb... I need to remember the window crayons trick.

While tile for the pool is not a priority, picking the right cabana boy that will clean said tile is. Please give this all the appropriate attention. I mean really Wendy?! Don't get lost in all the Santa craze. Priorities girl! You'll have to look at this guy at least once or twice a week. Santa and the tree are but once per year!

Dogs have no pride... It's so embarrassing.


Brooke said...

You are funny.

Cimblog (tm) said...

As I recall, it was ONLY our feet that had been burned beyond recognition...which is why we couldn't get around, we couldn't walk. It's tough to crawl to Taco Bell...

laura said...

i think i've been to that taco bell.... happy belated bday to laura! love the window art, and super-love the dogs!!