Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game Changer

Best thing I've done in a really long time was listen to my inner voice when it said to pursue other options for Mr. Boy's Eczema.  It has been a constant battle for the last 4 years, and last fall, I just decided there has to be something better.  This is LA, and vanity is big business here.  Several phone calls and a scheduling fluke where we took a recently cancelled appointment instead of scheduling an appointment 11 months away... we got Mr. Boy into the best Pediatric Dermatologist / Plastic Surgeon in the city.

Mr. Boy loved the fancy office, the abundance of lasers, and having his own dressing gown.   He also loved that he got to take home little vials of "Magic Potion Lotion" every visit.  After spending the last 4 years constantly itching and dealing with relentless breakouts, in 4 months Dr. Fancypants has given Mr. Boy gorgeous clear skin.  

I've got to listen to that inner voice more often, this has been a serious game changer for Mr. Boy, boosting his confidence, and relieving an ailment that has bothered him for years.  If only that inner voice of mine would tell me next weeks winning lotto numbers.


Mary said...

Yes please explain that to me! That little voice has come through in amazing ways for me for everything but bringing in the big bucks ha ha!!!

I'm glad your son is better!

laura said...

that is great, GREAT news!!!