Thursday, February 02, 2012

Celebrating Another Year of Wisdom

On the morning of my birthday I awoke to notes every where, placed by Mr. Man proclaiming "Happy Birthday!"  They were on my toothbrush, in the refrigerator, in my purse and they were placed in all the places I go during my morning routine with the kids. 
For my birthday, I had a very handsome man ask me if I would like to join him at the aquarium for the day and of course, I said, "Yes!"   So I chaperoned Mr. Boy's field trip and spent the day learning all about Whales, Jellyfish, and petting Sting Rays and Sharks. It is always fun to see your kids in their own social environment and watch their interactions.  
Ever since I left home, my mom and dad would call at 7:09am (the time I was born) and sing a horrible rendition of Happy Birthday on the phone.   I miss it, but was overjoyed with a ton of messages from Mr. Man's loyal cousins and some friends singing happy birthday or playing a special song.  It made me laugh all day long.  I even got a special delivery from the beloved cousins of the worlds biggest chocolate cupcake.  I am so blessed with a family that has welcomed me in.
The Neighbor-steins came over to babysit and Mr. Man whisked me away to a dinner on the town.  This years destination had a nostalgic twist.  When we arrived home, the kids had set up a "party" per Mr. Man's instructions.  
The day could have ended right there, and it would be deemed a successful birthday.  I opened up some gifts and there was this Chef's Knife.....   Not just any Chef's Knife, but a particular Chef's Knife I had been admiring quietly from a distance for years.  As I opened it up, I gasped, how on earth did Mr. Man ever know I wanted it?  He'd never step foot in Williams Sonoma and seen me staring at it in the glass case.   I am constantly baffled by my husband in the very best possible way.   So glad I said Yes to him!


Kerry McKibbins said...

First of all Happy Birthday!!!
Love the photos!!!
Secondly, I am so glad I am not the only one who lusts after chef's knives! I got one for Christmas and was THRILLED!!! Enjoy, and be careful. They are so sharp!

Tanya said...

Super cute, I'm glad your birthday was awesome!!! And the knife story really is pretty impressive!!