Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AK"s Pinkalicious Room

AK is a passionate girl, who is passionate for pink, bananas, and ice cream.  She has wanted a Pink Room forever, and why not grant her wish.  After all, how often do you get to grant someone's wish.  Although AK was less than enthusiastic about the pink surprise, she loves how her room turned out.

AK's room was the office/family room/Renovation Command Center before we moved her in.  Other than some new windows this room was barely touched during the renovation. I could not wait to decorate a girl's room.  The Chalet Renovation swallowed up much of the cash, so I had to do this on a tiny budget.  I was inspired by Serena and Lily's bedding and color combinations. 
Here is the before:
And with new bedding and a bookshelf to display her favorite books, and provide easy access to bedtime reading.  She still has a few more throw pillows coming, because every bed needs a hundred throw pillows.
We found this antique dresser at an estate sale, and I just knew it would be perfect if it was made over.  It provides just the right dainty touch to her room. 
The very drab corner before...
 And after, with some snazzy curtains.   I still need to reupholster the chair, but for now Zoey loves to hide underneath the fabric I draped over the chair.  See how AK has those lovely corner windows?  The deer love to rub their necks on the corner of the house and their antlers scratch the windows.   More than once, AK has been woken up by the deer scratching themselves on the corner of the house.  On nights when her evil parents put her to bed before she is sleepy, she likes to sit in her chair and open her window and talk to the neighbors as they come home from their evening outings. 
I fell in love with this crazy fabric and just had to make it into curtains.  It is perfect for the Chalet, with it's mountain and cabin scenes in vibrant pink and greens. 
Mr. Man is convinced I bought it for this detail, the hot pink deer!  Maybe I should dye Rupert Hot Pink?
 This dresser was a wedding gift from my mom when I got married.  It's over 100 years old and I love it.  It presented such a challenge, because I didn't think it would work in a pink room. 
But I think it kind of works in the room... Yes?  No?
My very favorite detail of the room is this bright pink chandelier.  My neighbor was actually tossing this ivory and gold chandelier and I happily took it off her hands.   Two coats of spray paint later, it became the pièce de résistance for AK's room.
AK loves her new room, and there is no confusing that this room belongs to AK.  It is absolutely a room filled with her personality.   
Now that AK's room is done, I can move on to another room.  I think the living room is next!


Brooke said...

So cute. I love it.

Jessica Sunderland said...

Soooooo cute!! You've inspired me to decorate.

laura said...

those curtains are AMAZING!! we are planning a move away from the pink room around here. enjoy it while you can! ;)