Monday, February 06, 2012

The Garbage Show

Ever since AK was little, she has loved garbage trucks.  When she was little, we would sit outside and watch the garbage trucks haul our trash away.  Now at the Chalet, AK has the perfect viewing spot from the kitchen table.   Even better she can see the truck coming up the street from almost any window.   
 You can hear her screams and whoops, "The Garbage Show is starting!  The Garbage Show!" as she runs to sit on the table.   And the night before garbage day she tells me, "Tomorrow is the Garbage Show, tonight I'll dream of rows of garbage cans."   You know what they say... one man's garbage is another man's show.


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Hillary said...

That's awesome! Did you read 'Trashy Town' to her when she was teensy?

oneil said...

Izzy does the same thing, it must run in the family.