Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Chalet Life: My fortress of solitude

Mr. Man works very hard and is lucky enough to be able to take large chunks of time off during the holidays.  It's a luxury that I am grateful for and do not take for granted.   I really cherish our family time and Mr. Man is the original homebody in our family.   He would prefer to stay in pajamas his entire day and hang out around the house.   While we hosted a lot during the holidays and had extra guests there was something magical about these two plus weeks with my family. 
We hiked almost everyday in the hills behind our house and played board games almost every night.  We had a rousing game of Monopoly or two and played with our kids with gusto.   
We had our annual Polar Bear Swim, built Legos, did craft projects together, and played with our toys.
My computer remained off for days at a time, my phone was set on silent mode and put on my desk.  I checked it twice a day and turned down outings and projects.  We spent lazy mornings reading in beds, snuggling puppies, and had brunch daily made together by Mr. Boy and Moi.  
We left only for outings with extended family and I made a few midnight runs to the grocery store for necessities.  For two weeks we shut out much of the world and focused on our family.   My home is my nirvana, it's peaceful, and we are happy here.  There was nothing remarkable about our winter vacation other than the unremarkable peace I felt being home with my family.  There were no complaints of being bored nor were there antsy feeling that I needed to get out and socialize.  It's a big change from the constant drive I felt four years ago when I just needed to be constantly on the go and constantly out.  
I need to be more verbal, and let Mr. Man, my kids, and God know, I am happy.  I am at peace.   And most of all I am grateful for my life here at the Chalet.

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