Monday, January 14, 2013

Who rescued who...

Remember when we adopted our sweet puppy Ziggy Boo?  I have a confession, her name isn't Ziggy.  It was Ziggy for about four days but it just never caught on.  Everyone was calling the dog different names and it was getting confusing.  We called a family meeting and went through lots of options.   We wanted a Z sounding name because we liked having Sandy and Skoopi (S names) and now we wanted this pair of dogs to be matching. Lame?  Totally, but that is how we do things in our house.

So Ziggy Boo became...   Xena Warrior Princess (except we spell it officially Zeena Warrior Princess).  AK picked it out, it is ridiculous, and so perfect.  This dog is one tough chick and we love her mighty fiesty spirit.  When Zeena plays with Zoey, she snaps her jaws with ferocious-ness.  
When she is not snapping her jaws and roughhousing she is a mellow sweetie pie.  Zoey and  Zeena are so unlike Sandy and Skoopix.  Sandy and Skoopix were always in the middle of everything, jumping on everybody, sniffing inappropriately.  Zoey and Zeena like to find quiet places to rest and rejuevenate.  Zoey is completely antisocial when people come over and hides, while Zeena likes to climb into my lap and observe from my arms.  They aren't like any other labs I've known, they love "their people" but don't really want to get to know anyone else.  Sandy and Skoopi would force friendships on anyone who walks through the gates at the Chalet.
Zeena does this prancing-dancing-walk when she greets you and it melts my heart.  I can't resist but drop everything to scoop her up.    Having a black dog is a new experience for me.  Black dogs are really hard to photograph,  I never feel like I do her justice in photos.  She is gorgeous and her ears are full of expression. 
I often think about how lucky Zeena is to live here, from the streets as a stray to living in the hills, hiking everyday...  but I always come to the same conclusion. 
We are the lucky ones to have her in our lives. 

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