Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monster High Party

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I've given our dear sweet AK plenty of ammunition to throw at me in future therapy sessions.  Her birthday always falls right around the first week of school and I have great intentions of throwing her a party right off the bat, but then I enter into my post "Ultimate Super Mega Summer" funk.   Her August Birthday Party has been pushed back into October, twice.  But this year.... I did it!  I actually had her party in the same month as her birthday!! 

This year she wanted a Monster High Birthday Party... think Goth meets Barbie. I let the kids help decorate and this is what they came up with. 
It made me laugh, but I love it and kept it up.  I can just imagine those crafty folks that came here from Pinterest are probably wondering what kind of person tapes dolls to the walls and calls it decor. 

We dressed up like Monster High characters and the best part is AK has the perfect closet to shop in for a Monster High outfit.  AK is Draculaura.
And I'm dressed as Clawdeen Wolf.  My favorite was the following conversation Mr. Man overheard by some dad's dropping off. 
Dad 1:  Oh, is this a costume party? Were the girls supposed to dress up?
Dad 2:  No, I'm pretty sure this is just normal for this family.  Everyday is a costume party for them.
The girls decorated masks  while the guests arrived. 
We had a photo booth for AK to take pictures with her friends.  
AK has such a great group of friends, I hope they are going to be friends forever. 
AK also has the worlds best big brother, who dressed in drag for the party.
I made cupcakes, which is always nervewracking, because I have made x-rated cake wrecks before.
Mr. Man was proud of me and proclaimed, "You DID it!  These are tasty! Good Job!"  He has the job of running to the bakery at the last minute in case I fail, unfortunately it's a job he has gotten very good at over the years.  
After a "Pin the ribbon on the Monster High Girl" game, gifts, and cake, we went swimming.  Hooray for the Chalet Pool!   I was pretty proud of the party favors.  I made the Monster High Notebooks by simply printing a sticker onto a regular composition book. 
I'm going to chalk this party up as success.  Phew... I wonder if it makes up for the belated parties of the past.


Laura "Redial" EllJayPea said...

The Boy looks awesome. And I agree that you look fantastic enough to see twice!

Tanya said...

I LOVE the dad comment. Our family is also always in costume so it is close to my heart! Nice job on the party!!

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