Monday, January 07, 2013

Welcoming a New Year

2012 - The year has been good to us, I welcomed 2012 with enthusiasm and was grateful for the fortune of good health and happiness granted my family. 
I am happy to welcome another year and have decided to continue on with my YES project for 2013. We headed over to Uncle Mikes for the annual family New Year's Eve party to ring in the New Year.
The floats line up by Uncle Mikes house and we get a sneak preview of the Rose Parade the night before. I can't help but think of mom everytime we do this. She grew up in a small town in Iowa and watched the Rose Parade on a black and white TV with icicles hanging outside the window. She loved the Rose Parade and we watched it every New Year's Day as a family. I know she would be envious, yet my children are oblivious to how special this experience is.
The floats were great this year and the the theme was Dr. Seuss's Oh The Places You'll Go.  At the end of the parade of floats there is always a port a potty. We always cheer him on... And the best was when the port a potty parade man called out, "Oh... The places you'll go". That gave us a good chuckle for the rest of the day."


Laura said...

That's my kind of guy! Did you find out if he's available?

... said...

You have no earthly idea of how jealous I am. The Tournament of Roses Parade is one of my favorite things EVER.