Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas at the Chalet

Christmas Eve is my absolute favorite day of the year.  I love the anticipation, the excitement, and the festive atmosphere.  I love hosting Christmas Eve and having the house full of people.  Mr. Man has a large extended family and I love them all.   There are cousins and mini cousins (kids of the 1st Cousins = mini-cousins) galore.  I'm not going to lie, Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb are my favorite, they are the most genuine people you will ever meet.  Remember, Aunt Deb made all those Christmas Outfits last year, which is my favorite gift.  This year, Uncle Mike showed up as an elf, complete with a crocheted beard!    
I attempted to make the "World's Best Turkey" again, and made quite a mess in the process.  It was worth it, the food was amazing and a team effort.
Mr. Uncle was back with us after spending some time overseas, and we were glad to have here at the Chalet. The kitchen was full of food and family, babies were being passed around, laughter abounded, and I just felt so lucky.  
Uncle Mike put on a magic show that entertained people of all ages.
We went caroling just like last year to the neighbors.  I think we look better than we sound, but the neighbors love it.   I think it would be so awesome if we recorded a Christmas Album, because it would be terrible and everyone would think we were seriously trying to sing well. It would make me laugh heartily.   

The stockings were hung, cookies were decorated, and prepped for Santa who was being tracked by Norad.
We took our traditional picture in front of the tree in our Christmas Jammies. 
 It always turns into a wrestling match with the kids because they are beyond hyper.  I love these wrestling pics the most more than the posed picture.  
I took a few minutes late on Christmas Eve to sit by the tree with a warm sleeping puppy on my lap and thanked God for the things in my life. The previous year I was grieving, anxious to put the year behind me, and hopeful for a better 2012.  This year has been good and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel so very lucky.
The next morning the kids were anxious to see if Santa had come. 
The kids ran in the room to see a plethora of gifts.  My favorite is Mr. Boy is on the ground hugging his "Halo" Action Figures, while sweet AK still tries to process that Santa had indeed brought her the horse she wanted.  
There were an abundance of gifts to open.

My very favorite was watching my kids with this gift.  Mr. Boy had decided to spend some of his hard earned money on a "really nice" gift for AK. He spent a good hour browsing and ordered this for AK himself.  He even wrapped it and was giddy with excitement the whole week leading up to Christmas.  
He knows her well, it was the perfect gift for her.   She loves it so much and Mr. Boy learned that it is better to give than to receive. 
.   Although, Zoey and the puppy wishes AK had recieved something else.  They don't really like AK's new dog that much
Mr. Man surprised the family with new matching outfits just in case we decided to become bank robbers.
In years past Mr. Man and I try to tone down the gifts and be reasonable. It never works, so this year we went all out. Hobbit Legos were the theme for Mr. Boy this year.  
AK got what appears of to be one of everything the toy store had. 
We played and lounged the rest of the day and when it came time for dinner, we dressed in our best new outfits to go over to Aunt Deb's for dinner.
I know what you are thinking!  Is that a turtleneck or a tank top?  And where can I get one?  This was another surprise gift from Mr. Man and they are indeed one of a kind.  I think Mr. Uncle wears it best.  Mr. Uncle is currently single, but with an outfit like that.... I don't think that will last for long!

I think this will go down in the record books as one of the best Christmas's ever,  filled with lots of laughter, and good times. 

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Debra said...

With Mike in that Elf costume I wondered if he was really Kelly.
Fun to read your report of a glorious season. Love you!