Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Le poney court

Last week I went to a work/client thing. We went to Del Mar Race Track and bet on the ponies. It was so much fun and a fabulous venue for a work event. There was a horse named "Bon Jour" and I just knew she was going to win. So I bet on her, even though the odds were 55 to 1. She lost. However, I did bet on this horse because it was French. Bred in France. That was pretty much my strategy, if it was anything remotely French, I bet on it. Lucky for me, every race had at least one french connection. See the horse that looks French (or has the #2 on it), she won, and I took home $9.
Ahem.. never mind... that I bet more than $9 the entire day. Still, totally fun. Always.. .Always.. bet on the French!

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