Monday, September 08, 2008

First Day of School! First Day of School!

On the last day of school, Mr. Man & I jumped around the house excited to welcome in the lazy days of summer. Summer is a big deal around here. There was no jumping this morning. We were definitely excited for the kids, but more than anything we were tired. School starts earlier for us this year, and it's a new routine. We did the customary first day of school pics in front of the sign.

Mr. Boy is in Kindergarten this year. We love his teacher, and she genuinely loves Nathan. She is so excited for the upcoming year. He was SO excited to get his own desk with his name on it, and his own pencil box. He totally kept telling me, "Mom.. GOOOOOOO, it's time for me to do my work. GO!" How did he get so big!? When did he grow to be so tall? *cue Sunrise Sunset*They want the kids, (especially the girls) to wear comfy shoes this year, to allow for maximum running and jumping. A concept I have been struggling with all summer, since I would choose fashion over comfort any day. We picked up these fab Converse Mary Janes for AK, and they are so cute. I want some in my size. Then it came time to drop this girl off. AK ran right in to class and sat down to play with her friends. She looked up and waved, "Bye mom." At that moment I had an instant flashback to 48 hours after she was born. Talking to the worried pediatrician to hammer out a gameplan to get this wee tiny babe to thrive. I am so proud of how far this girl has come! I turned to walk out the door, knowing I was not going to be able to stifle the tears of pride that were coming. I had a good little sob, then indulged in a facial which made it all better. Both kids had an outstanding day and we headed over to In-n-Out to celebrate the first day of school! My mom always did something special on the first day of school, what did you do growing up, or what do you do now?
At this time I would like to raise my glass and propose a toast to my pals on these world wide inter-webbythingamabobs... *raises glass* "a toast to Moving Forward, to these new everchanging phases of our lives... may we navigate them with success"

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