Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell

We live next door to a fabulous family named the Maxwells.* They moved in on a Saturday, and the following week we brought home Mr. Boy from the hospital. Over the years we have formed a bond with them that goes beyond just being neighbors. Mr. Boy especially loves Mr. Maxwell, and they have a deep friendship that was formed while spying on Mr. Maxwell from the jungle gym, while Mr. Maxwell gardens. Mr. Maxwell has been Mr. Boy's biggest cheerleader and when it came time to get a bike, Mr. Boy wanted one just like Mr. Maxwell's.
Mr. Boy's top bunk looks onto their side porch, and Mr. Boy has had some wonderful conversations from his bunk while the neighbors take their garbage out on balmy summer nights when the windows are open.

*random story* One night we talked to Daddy on the phone while we snuggled in Mr. Boy's bed. I said goodnight, not realizing that I accidentally left the phone in Mr. Boy's bed. He tried to come out and tell me, but I was talking to Mrs. Maxwell who had popped over to borrow something, so I shoo'd him back to bed. He went to his room and dialed the "Daddy Button" and Mr. Man answered. Apparently, he talked to Daddy and told him that Mommy was with "Mr. Maxwell's Mom" and that I said not to disturb me. With Nathan being only 4 and having a little trouble with his speech, all Mr. Man heard was "Mommy is with Mr. MmmhmmMmm, and she said not to bother her, because she would be busy for a while". So, Mr. Man called the home number and said, "Hey, who's over at the house?" And I was alone and said, "No One." (Mrs. Maxwell, or as Mr. Boy calls her Mr. Maxwell's Mom had only been over for 1 minute.) Mr. Man, kept pressing the issue, and finally said, "Uh, Mr. Boy called me and said that Mr. Somebody was at the house, and you said not to disturb you." Oh boy, I laughed so hard at what that must have sounded like to Mr. Man.Over the summer, we have spent a lot of time with the Maxwells and keeping a big secret that I finally can reveal. On Friday night, they brought home this..... Her name is "Mr. Maxwell's Baby" according to Mr. Boy. She is beautiful and we love her to pieces. Mr. Boy is especially smitten with her, and told me when he saw her, "Oooo Mommy I just want to reach out and kiss her!" He has come up with 200 excuses of why he needs to go over to Mr. Maxwell's Baby's House. "I want to give Mr. Maxwell a dollar." "I want to give Mr. Maxwell's Baby this toy." (which happened to be Baby Roller Hand, and AK actually pummelled him at that suggestion) "Mr. Maxwell's Baby is thirsty, and I'd like to bring over some red juice."

Even better the Maxwell's have provided us a wonderful opportunity to talk to our children about their adoptions. Mr. Maxwell's Baby is adopted, and we got to talk and meet her amazing birthmom and family over the summer. It has been an amazing experience to have the children watch the situation unfold and explain their stories and compare it with Mr. Maxwell's Baby. Although, Mr. Boy doesn't quite understand it all, he asked a random man, if he could grow a baby brother in his tummy for our family!

It has been fun for Mr. Man and I to sit and reminisce about our own experiences and be reminded of our time with our birthparents, and of those sweet days when our children were babies. I'll never forget the first night we had Mr. Boy at home, I crawled into bed to be snuggled by Mr. Man, who started to chuckle.... "You smell like baby wipes and formula." And now I crawl into bed smelling like applesauce and animal crackers... and I'm grateful to be loved... odd smells and all... and to have been given these children by such amazing and courageous women. This weekend, Mr. Man and I have paused and given thanks for the amazing blessing of adoption.
*Not their real last name

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