Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Popsicle Spot

When we moved into our much-loved house, there was this round thing in the front yard. The previous owners put it in and when asked what it was for, they said it was "Architectural Interest". Every one of our neighbors after they introduced themselves said, "Are you going to take the round thing out?" We have jokingly told people it was our personal helicopter pad. Things change when you have children and the helicopter pad has become "The Popsicle Spot". We eat popsicles here at dusk every so often, while the dogs roam the yard or lie at our feet. We chit chat about whatever pops in our heads. Sometimes the conversations are deep, pondering the universe, or light, filled with giggles and made up words that tickle our tongues.Each time and every time I sit listening to those sticky mouths, I think about how I do not ever want to forget these moments. If only I could capture them in a jar.


Davis Family said...

i guess that's the purpose of the blog right? i've already forgotten way to much. i can't even remember joshua before age 2.

Cimblog (tm) said...

Um...have you marked this blog PG-13 cuz there's some unmentionables showing!