Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In addition to the Worst Mom EVER!!!

As if you needed further evidence that I am raising the next Star of the show Praise the Lord enjoy the following tidbit.

The scene... 28 minutes until bedtime at Chateau du la Francaise.

After several warnings that if Mr. Boy did not put on his pajamas right now he would lose his chance to watch Justice League before bed. I did the unthinkable. I didn't let him watch Justice League, and put him straight to bed. (Somewhere in the world Supernanny has gotten off her naughty spot to applaud my discipline tactic.)

As I was putting the hysterical boy to bed and enduring the sobs filled with such things as, "You don't love me. Fine, I won't let you borrow my Flash Costume* at Halloween. You are a big giant meanie-head." He turned to me and said, "Mommy, you are listening to the voice of SATAN" I applaud his efforts to try and use religion against me, but it doesn't work on the Worst Mom Ever!

*Also, adding to the worst mom ever, last year during a trip to Target (moment to silently praise the worlds best retailer for the mom who can't stant to take her children shopping, and praise the one-stop-shopping-ness, and to plead for a Super-Target with lots of Organic Produce right here in the OC), also click on the target link for a hilarious video), where was I... oh yes... Target so apparently, as we looked at some Flash (Gordon) Pajama's I promised that Mr. Boy could have some when he was 5. This kid has a wicked memory and has been reminding me of them every single day for the last month. Anyone have a source... other than eBay.... because for the first time eBay has failed me.


Cimblog (tm) said...

I certainly hope that this is ammunition for when boy acts up in the future..."you're listening to the voice of Satan."

Anonymous said...

For Pjs, find a T-shirt like the yellow one here:
And matching Pj pants like the ones here:

Works for my kids!