Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween - In Depth Recap & Analysis Part 1

It started with our annual pumpkin carving. Mr. Boy sketched out a six eyed pumpkin wearing Devil Horns. We played a game called "Hide the Pumpkins" 2,000 times in the past week. Those little pumpkins are hidden all over the living room by one person, then someone else has to find them. Mr. Boy made it up, and it was fun and festive. It was still festive, however not very fun when the kids woke us up at dawn to "go seek" the pumpkins that they had hidden. We went to our church's Halloween Party, which was EXTREMELY well done. The kids had a blast playing all the games, well.. Mr. Boy mostly. AK just rolled around in the confetti. When the Confetti Canons went off, Mr. Boy totally hit the deck, it was hilarious. He's a bit jumpy. AK wanted a cupcake, and was very impatient of the idea of having to win one at the cake walk. However, her persistance paid off.
And her prize was thoroughly enjoyed... These are our pals who we love and adore. Mr. Boy proclaimed that he was their Knight in Shining Armor and they both just giggled and asked to be rescued at one time or other during the night.
Then onto Halloween.... I love this picture, because really this could be any given day at our house that I'm driving a Superhero around town. I love this phase... it's magical. And yep, he's having Skittles for Breakfast on Halloween. Mr. Boy let this serve as evidence that I am a VERY COOL MOM.
Here is Mr. Boy's Kindegarten class. This is such a fun group of kids, and Mr. Boy has the best time with them. Also, I cannot say enough good things about his teacher, we LOVE her.

Are you sitting down? I was shocked, absolutely shocked to learn that Mr. Man dressed up for Halloween. I think he has dressed up once since I have known him. Here he is.....
Any ideas on who he is? Actually, it's not that great of a pic of him, and I'm not sure what he is doing, but I found this pic and was enjoying a peek into his office. And uh.. hello Mr. Man can you please bring home that giant Jack Sparrow that's in the corner, it gets awfully lonely when you are gone. This next pic should help you with Mr. Man's costume.
Mr. Man dressed up as this guy at work. Apparently, people found it so funny they were falling over with laughter in the hallway and paramedics had to be called in. Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was very clever, and everyone enjoyed it, including the guy he dressed up as. This is a glimpse into Mr. Fun-at-work-Man... now if only I could convince Mr. Man to wear green tights and go as Peter Pan to fullfill my dream of going as Wendy from Peter Pan. Maybe next year.

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