Monday, November 17, 2008

Viva La Ya Ya

I love these ladies. They know my faults, my secrets, my personality and they love me anyway. They give me strength, they give great advice, and when you need a shoulder or someone to listen they are all there. It was our biannual weekend away, and I laughed heartily and loved every minute of it. Bob, Moi, Booboo (and Nettie sneaking her head in the back)

We watched helplessly as the wildfires started to burn, and sent good thoughts to all those affected. *see my afterthought at the bottom*
The smoke eventually drifted down to the beach, which made me edgey. I couldn't help but fret over Mr. Boys little lungs, even though he was in very capable hands. Tami, Nettie, Bob, Moi, & BooBoo

Stef had family obligations, so she was in and out. So here is a pic of her and I together from last summer. I adore her, and thankful she hasn't moved with the rest of the Ya Ya's. She will always give it to me straight and I love that. Mr. Boy asked me if I went to a Super Hero meeting with my friends.... because as he pointed out "You came back ENERGIZED."
*Afterthought* I started this post right after the weekend, and got sidetracked. I'm glad I'm waited, because last night I was out to dinner with the kids and we watched 8 fire trucks roll by the window. The kids were ecstatic and the engines were from all over California. I'm guessing they were all just released from their duties fighting the fires. The fireman all looked tired and worn, but still had the energy to wave to my children who were ecstatic to see them. People on the street were stopping and applauding them. I am so grateful for the firefighters who risk their lives, and work until the job is done. I know there were firefighters who worked for days on the fires with very little sleep. I also know, that they don't exactly make a fortune firefighting. Many of these guys have second jobs. I am grateful for the people who risk so much to protect us. So thank you fireman everywhere!!


Davis Family said...

first of all the pics below are adorable (of you son). and aren't old friends the best. don't you wish you could just make everyone move next door to you?!

Raena Johnson said...

Wendy - I LOVE your blog. I scanned through some and came across you entry about the bike parade at your son's school. Oh my gosh, I was in tears it was so funny. Thanks for the good laugh - I needed it!