Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mr. Uncle bunks up at the Chateau

Mr. Uncle (Mr. Man's Brother) has arrived for the Thanksgiving Holiday. That means there is lots of this going on:and some of this... and then some of this.... (oh yes, you are so smart if you noticed that he is slyly flexing and showing off his biceps.... also psst... ladies.. he is single and in a rock band)
Along with having Mr. Boy in complete and utter heaven as he gets doted on by his favorite Mr. Uncle, there is lots of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Tech chat, crude jokes, and consuming massive quantities of ice cream & soda with Mr. Man. It is one big Giant Boys Club at our house, and since I grew up with brothers... it feels like home.


MMIT (tam) said...

so funny! i have pictures of don's brother holding cody upside down like that it. (wish i was single and ten years younger! mr. uncle is a cutie!)

Brooke said...

I swear every uncle holds their nephews like that - too funny :)