Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween - In Depth Recap & Analysis Part 2

So here is the crew on Halloween as we make our way to one of the neighborhood parties, notice Mr. Man is still in "costume" and Mr. Boy has made another wardrobe change. Oh my goodness, I'm actually in a picture! I love our street and our neighborhood... the big trees and the friendly neighbors. After dinner at the neighbors, we came home for a costume change for Mr. Boy.... AK has been living in her two sizes to small butterfly costume for weeks now.
Then we headed over to our friends house for trick or treating. These guys were a riot together and as adults we had a blast walking around with them.
In the past, we've Trick or Treated to our neighbors where we walk in say hello, and stay for a while. Apparently, we weren't teaching them proper trick or treating manners. On Halloween a lovely mature lady opened the door, and AK runs in and jumps in her arms giving her a big hug, nearly knocking her over! That is just classic AK, she will spread her love to anyone who will take it. Also, she held onto Peter Pan's mom hand almost the entire night. At one home, our kids pushed open the door and helped themselves to the bowl by the door, before the gentleman of the house arrived at the door. Manners are very important to me, and trick or treating helped me figure out where we have some weaknesses. I love how Mr. Man's head is covered in Pink Tulle, but he doesn't mind. He loves being Daddy to a girl, and I adore their sweet relationship. She knows she has him so completely wrapped around her finger.
Remember when you were a kid, and there was that one house that gave out the full size candy bars? There was a house that we Trick or Treated at that gave out King SIZE, the Holy Grail of Trick or Treating. However, Mr. Boy didn't care, because he got a Lollipop at the previous house. The kid is a sucker for lollipops! (Roll your eyes people, I just used a pun!) When we got back to our friends, we poured out his candy, and Mr. Boy enjoyed his Lollipop. AK is addicted to Smarties... and that leaves mom and dad free to pilfer from the chocolate.
It was a super fun evening and a big thanks to Brooke for hosting us!!


Cimblog (tm) said...

Yay for Halloween!!! Yay for in-depth recap!

Kerry said...

They look SOOOO cute! We had a wardrobe change with our youngest boy too. Whew knew the boys would end up being the divas?

That photo with your husband and the tulle on his head is adorable!!

Great recap of Halloween!!!

Brooke said...

Very, very cute pics. Looks like you guys had a great time ...I'm glad some one wasn't a party pooper (since I totally was :)

Carly said...

Hey Wendy!! So- Google Reader has changed my life- in many ways- I hardly ever post a comment these days- I look at everything and I adore everything. The kids are so big and time is flying by somehow- where does it go? Thanks for all of the jewelry party notes- I totally understand- Happy Birthday to the Man. If you want to see anything ahead of time- feel free. Let's see each other sometime ehh?