Monday, November 10, 2008


If you haven't discovered the joys of owning a Wii, you really must get one. One of our favorites is that you get to make "Mii's" They are video game versions of yourself. I love it, and the family all has their own Mii's. Mr. Boy loves making and tweaking his Mii, he also loves tweaking other people's Mii's like making my Mii Fat. It cracks us up, that this is what Mr. Boy thinks he looks like. No need to adjust the color on your monitor, his Mii is very dark skinned with Silver hair and sunglasses. Apparently, no one has told him that he is Irish and German..Also, just because it's adorable and shows Mr. Boy's true character. Skoopi is going to the vet tommorrow for the whole day. When I told Mr. Boy, he was worried that Skoopi will miss us and does not want her to go. He insisted on petting her and sitting by her for the entire evening. Eventually they both fell asleep on the couch together completely content comforting each other.
** Update: We dropped Skoopi off this morning and the kids gave Oscar-worthy performances. Mr. Boy and AK were in tears, there was weeping and there was wailing. For goodness sakes, she is going in for a checkup and shots, no big deal. Mr. Boy is so worried that Skoopi will miss us. In reality, Skoopi on the other hand gets to met other dogs, look at cats, and get rubbed down by several different vet techs. She is stoked!


Jeff and Mary said...

Fun stuff! Evan has those PJ pants and I love them! I wish I had them in every size for him. They are getting so big, so fast.

laura said...

i'm glad skoopi is ok. i'm glad you posted what he was going in for! ;)

mr. boy is too cute for words!

Anna said...

That totally looks like Mr. Boy. It could be his twin!