Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spray Paint: Better than sliced bread?

Our mailbox is a snoozefest. Mr. Man picked it out the first weekend we moved in, and it was so boring I didn't even notice we had a new one for a week or so. Sometime ago I had spied a gorgeous, simple black one at some fancy store with a hefty pricetag. Last week I got sick of my boring mailbox and decided to make it over as a cheap imitation of the one I saw.
Total Cost $3.42 for Spray Paint, Small wood plaque, and vinyl lettering from an awesome lady who ships anywhere and is super reasonable! (email me for the source) I ripped off the "hangy things" and the metal piece. And then gave it a British Nod by putting the word "Post" on it, just like the one I saw.
Then while I was in the garage inhaling fumes, I pulled this Star out from my "Project Bin". I scored it for $1 on clearance. The rusted look doesn't work with my house, but I knew it had potential. (Also, check out my favorite shoes of the summer.) So I spray painted it white and popped it on the Garden House. Totally worth it!


Brooke said...

You go, Martha!!!

Anonymous said...

DANG Wendy! You are crazy awesome.

jenny said...

So cute!