Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sandwich Frenzy

I've got this sister-in-law who has her motherhood down to a science. Lunches are lined up all in a row, kids are dressed, hair is done, and they all march out to the car with their backpacks. We aren't morning people... so it shouldn't surprise anyone that last week I went to unbuckle AK for school, and noticed her giant poof of hair. Some mornings.. we run out to the car and I'm tossing Cliff bars and a Horizon milks in the backseat. And lunches.. don't even get me started. I hate it... I want to be more put together than that. So, I decided to copy my sister-in-law, she makes a bunch of sandwiches, pops them in the freezer and grabs them when she needs them. I'm a bit of a natural & earthy girl... so I got my organic bread, natural peanut butter, and instead of tossing them in ziplocs, I bought a slew of sandwich containers. I used a Pampered Chef sandwich cutter, but a cookie cutter works well. My sister in law said you need cheap bread, and I bought the cheapest whitest organic bread I could find.... and the bread cracked... so they kind of look a bit flimsy and crumbly. Meanwhile, Mr. Man keeps passing through the kitchen and keeps telling the dogs, "She's going crazy! She's making a billion sandwiches." So, I made 20 sandwiches, and popped them in the freezer. Now I have a giant stack of these hole-y crusts, no clue what to do with them other than to pose with them. So this morning, I popped one in Mr. Boy's lunch and wouldn't you know it... he loved it! Hooray!


Christy said...

Great idea! I don't have a gizmo to make the circle but I am thinking that just pressing the edges might work. You could make an egg casserole with the leftover crust. (that is what I would do anyways ;o))

Anonymous said...

Freeze the leftover crusts and use for bread crumbs, make croutons, or save for thanksgiving stuffing.

Stefany said...

Fantastic idea! I don't make lunches (I make hubs do it) but I thinking maybe we should do this!