Monday, September 07, 2009


Overheard coming from the bathroom as AK checks herself out in the mirror.AK: Mom, I'm still not pink I can eat more raspberries. This girl is addicted to raspberries. Since Friday she has eaten 9 clamshells full, two of them she snuck out of the fridge and ate behind a tree.
When she asked for seconds last night at dinner, Mr. Man told her, "Ooo you better take a break from raspberries, I'm afraid you'll turn Pink just like Pinkalicious"
Normally, she would love the idea of turning Pink.... but not if it meant she had to stop eating raspberries. *also note the power ranger on the table next to her bowl. Shhhh.. dont' tell the boy but the Power Ranger danced with Cinderella this morning, and then proceeded to blow up Darth Vader's ship on the way home from the Royal Ball.

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Mary said...

I think I might need to steal her along with your Boy.