Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sandy Schnoggle Dog

Sandy has been sick for a few weeks now. She is thirteen and has been more than a dog... she is a member of the family.Sandy & Mr. Boy are constantly together. So can you imagine how tough it was to drop a sad and nervous Mr. Boy off at first grade last week and then drive over to the vet's office with Sandy to have one of the toughest conversations of my life...It's unclear what the next few months hold for Sandy, other than at this point we know her health is failing. She is not in pain and she is being pampered like royalty.
Homemade food - Vet's orders and peanut butter with her meds morning and night. And while she was at the vet's getting pumped full of vitamins and fluids... they took her magical horn off her head. She had some weird bump that appeared last year, it was not pretty. We joked that Sandy was turning into a unicorn in her old age. For now she has purple stitches, and AK keeps trying to come up with excuses to get purple stitches too. Is it so wrong that all my prayers include the phrase, "please bless the dog, I know, I know... she's just a pet, but I love her.....I need her. I'm not ready for this."


Brooke said...

I totally felt like my childhood dogs were part of our family too - Sandy is such a sweetheart. I hope she is feeling better.

Laura said...

Aw, I love Sandy!