Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Tomorrow marks the first day of Advent in our house.  The beginning of 25 days worth of "Festive Activities" and I can't wait.  Last year we had so much fun, and I documented each day.  Last year it rained and rained, and I was dividing my time to be with my mom and being a mom.   This year I feel more on top of things overall, and I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends. 

The Christmas Jammies have been unpacked and laundered.  Since they are on sale, I went ahead and ordered the next size up for the kids.  My kids LOVE these jammies and claim they are as "soft as kittens!"
I just ordered Personalized Pencils for the kids stockings, since cool pencils are all the rage at school, I'm hoping these will be appreciated.
Folks, I think we have our first Christmas Miracle!  I ordered our Christmas Cards before Thanksgiving!  The last few years I have been cutting it close with the Christmas Cards and this year I vowed, "As Blog as my witness... I will get them out early"  I saved copies of my favorite pics throughout the year in a special folder just so I could easily pick the pictures for our annual collage.
Today is the final day for the "Faux-Prah's Favorite Things Giveaway"  Your odds of winning are really good, way better than the lottery so go forth and enter!  Don't forget to enter on Quite Contrary Mary's Blog too and while your there stop and appreciate her gorgeous grey walls.  Mr. Man and I are in the midst of picking a grey for our living room, because truly... Mary and I have the same brain.


Angie Y said...

Pick me!!

Carol S said...

Pick me! Thank you for helping me get into the holiday spirit - I need to work on my Christmas cards!

emily said...

Officially entered!! I love your writings.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I sooo want pencils that say Emily Hamilton!!!


sharla said...

I'm hope that I am the winner!