Monday, June 25, 2012

Would Sir desire a juice box?

Something happened last week and the Super Ultimate Mega Summer took it's toll on my family.  My kids turned from Partners in Fun to Grouchypants.   We tried going to bed and starting the day over at 3pm one day.  Everyone climbed back in bed, we started over with good morning and pleasantries and I made waffles at 3pm, pretending it was really 9am.  Then the bickering started over who got more chocolate chips on their waffle.   I stood there exasperated....  and out tumbled out, "Do you understand how lucky you are?   When I was little, I didn't even get to have waffles.... much less with chocolate chips!  We ate CAROB chips for a treat... do you even know what that tastes like? Like dirt... and cow poop...."   

I froze... I sounded like a crazy old woman.   This is not the right approach.   So a few nights later when Mr. Boy was feeling grouchy and feisty... I made him take a bath.   He fought me on it, but I wrestled him into the tub.  Literally, sticking him in the tub against his will.  Then I delivered dinner to him, pretending he was a king.   After he was done, I wrapped him in a towel, rubbed his back, and put him to bed, an hour early.  Somehow the royal treatment and the warm water melted away his bad attitude.

Last night, I was in a grouchy mood with a pounding headache.  Mr. Man came home and I cried and ranted to him. He gave me a hug and said, "Would my lady desire a bath?"  Ah... yes attitude is contagious and I decided mine needed to be washed away with a long hot bath... although instead of nuggets served tubside, I demanded a fruity drink and a trashy mag.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Deer Abby, Does this make me a grandma?

Jane Doe, one of the resident deer was looking a little plump this last month.   Not surprising since she had been hanging around Buck Owens one of the male deer around Valentine's Day.  I swear I saw them dancing in the moonlight one evening.  June is the month of Deer Babies around these parts and it is my favorite time of year.   The evening that Jane went into labor I got all prepped and ordered Mr. Man to boil some water.  
 Shockingly, Jane wanted nothing to do with me while she was in labor, so I left her alone.   The next morning she brought her new fawn by to show her off. I. am. smitten. 
This little fawn is way better than prozac, she is an instant mood lifter.  I am so crazy in love with this little fawn.   I just want to squeeze her and make her my pet.  Mr. Man is adamant... "No deer in the house!"  But shhh... I'm going to try and convince Lucky and Jane to live inside the Chalet, I'm pretty sure I can train them to sit on the couch and watch basketball.  Did you know that baby deer make a meowing sound when they talk to their mom?
 Later that evening, the rest of the herd came by to dote on the new fawn.  It was kind of like a deer baby shower. 
Jane was so proud, she couldn't stop smiling and nuzzling her  baby.   We named the baby "Lucky", because we felt so lucky to have this baby fawn around. 
Well, well, well, and look who showed up to celebrate Lucky's arrival, Buck Owens aka Lucky's Dad!
He looks pretty impressed with himself, don't you think? 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Kicking off the Super Ultimate Mega Summer with a luxurious BANG!

When you declare that you will embark on " The Super Ultimate Mega Summer, Part Deux" you can't just start it off with some humdrum day of laziness.  You have to start it off right, with flair, sizzle, and some mandatory relaxation.   So we packed up the Fun-mobile for a little road trip to the desert.   It was drizzling and foggy in Los Angeles, but sunny and warm just outside of Palm Springs.   I really don't understand why it takes so much gear to for one family for one weekend.  I swear Mr. Man always packs way too many shoes...
This resort is super fancy and when you drive through the gates, you can't help but feel pampered and like, "Oh yes, actually....I WOULD like a $9 ice cream sandwich!  That seems like a fair price, and you know what?  I deserve it."  
Even better than the luxurious accommodations is the chance to hang out with some of my very favorite people.   I love these kids and their parents so very much.   They are fabulous travel companions, with the exception of AK, who turns into a crazy party animal when the lights are out.   We might have to leave her at home next time. 
These boys decided that since neither of them have brothers, they should be honorary brothers.   Truthfully, sometimes it's better to have "family" that you get to pick.   
These bigger boys crack me up, as they swapped stories under a crazy romantic canopy bed.   It felt like a slumber party for the adults as we stayed up late and chatted.  
During the days, we walked to one of the many pools,
and swam,
and lounged in the poolside cabana, 
and swam some more.  Or sometimes, we'd float and read a magazine.
Mr. Relaxed Man is my favorite of all the versions of Mr. Man.  He was so relaxed, he actually read a book by the pool.  He hasn't read a book in 12 years, because he claims he hasn't had enough downtime to sit around and "just read". Excuses! Excuses! I say!  
Mr. Man and I were able to lounge together and talk... really talk without interruption on this trip.  I hate that our lives are such that we don't have time  make it a priority to spend quality time.   I realized on this trip, that we need to make it a priority in our lives, because goodness, he is fascinating and I really like spending time with him. 
We indulged in those $9 Ice Cream Sandwiches and didn't bat an eye.  My inner scrooge had been left at the gates of the resort. 
At the end of the day, we would walk back to the hacienda, tired, yet refreshed.
The kids would have movie night, while the adults relaxed.  It was the perfect way to start our summer. 
One evening while the dads were entertaining the kids, I slipped out for a walk.  The sun was setting and everything was so gorgeous.
While I walked past the beloved pool cabanas, I thought about our trip here last year.   I was so very broken, and still so raw with grief from my mom's death.  I was stuck in that stage where I didn't want to be left alone for fear that my grief would overcome me, and yet I kind of just wanted to be left alone.  It doesn't make sense, but grief doesn't really make sense.  I remember laughing really hard the first night on the trip and thinking, "Oh hello happy heart, come and stay for awhile."
I thought about how much things have changed in the last year, how far I've come, and how lucky I am.  Last year I had a hard time seeing past the bad and realizing I was surrounded by so much good.  My mom's cancer was awful and there were some events that were so traumatic, it shook me to my core.
Even though I still miss my mom and long to reverse the clock, I am so incredibly lucky. I have so many things to be grateful for.   I have been very blessed,  my life is bliss.  I returned from my walk full of gratitude, for my kids, my friends, their kids, and all the good things around me.  God has been good to me.
When the weekend came to a close, Mr. Man was relaxed, I was refreshed, and the kids were happily exhausted. 

On the way home, Mr. Boy declared in a sleepy voice, "Best Vacation Ever."  Then he drifted off into a deep sleep.
A big thank you to our faithful Cabana lady Mary, who granted every wish from our pampered kids, our hosts: The Irish Family, and the La Quinta Resort.  Vive le Ultimate Super Mega Summer, Part Deux!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Allegedly, I'm a bad influence

For the last year we have had passes to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth with some friends of ours.  We have enjoyed our time immensely, and every single time we hit California Adventure, AK checks her height to see if she is tall enough for "Screaming!".   It's the big roller coaster at California Adventure.   She has been about a half an inch shy of the height requirement for most of the year.  In May, she was a quarter inch too short. Finally last week she was tall enough. 
 This girl is spunky, feisty, and fearless.   She will do anything if it is fun and loved every single minute of the roller coaster. 
 I cannot confirm or deny that she had help with a pair of spare underwear tucked into her shoes to help push her over the height requirement.  That would make me a reckless and careless mother, I know.   However, it wouldn't be the first time I broke the rules at Disneyland.  In 8th grade, my friends and I sunk a log boat mid-ride on Splash Mountain.   I got a first hand look at the Disneyland Jail that day and learned that Disney Security doesn't  really have the best sense of humor. 
 When we were hypothetically discussing whether or not to use underwear to help AK gain that quarter of an inch, Mr. Boys friend graciously offered up his underwear for the cause.  Thanks, but no thanks, as a mom, I seem to always carry spares. 
But I can't decide if that makes him the perfect partner in crime or a very loyal friend?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Welcome to the Super Ultimate Mega Summer, Part Deux

It is no secret that I'm a terrible "Responsible School Mom", I can't stand homework, fundraising, and the mountains of paperwork that come home in those dang folders each week.  Do not even get me started on AK's 4am Kindergarten Start time.  My kids are not early risers.  Only the deer get up early around these parts, but they get the luxury of an afternoon nap.

I love Summer and after our "Chalet Renovation Summer", I declared last summer to be the "Super Ultimate Mega Summer."  I cleared the calender for the most part, and we spent our days in the pool with our friends over.  There was something magical about just seeing where the day took us.   We are over-scheduled all year long, so summer is the time for being under-scheduled.  This year after a unanimous family vote, we have declared this.... *drumroll please*   

"The Super Ultimate Mega Summer, Part Deux"  
(because we are French, oui?) 

On the last day of school, my true love gave to me....  one dancing mom and two cheerful kids. 
We took our traditional last day of school pictures, and comparing them to the first day of school, it looks like my kids get an A+ for growing out their hair. 
 The whole house was in a good mood and we were dancing all they way into school. 
 Mr. Boy always turns to me and says, "I love you" before he walks into school, and I wonder every time... "Is this the last time he'll do that?"  I am not a fan of this growing up business. 
While the kids were at school for the last day, I got down business and stocked up on supplies for the summer.
 I got the car ready for the Summer, loading it with beach chairs, towels, and water.. I have decorated the car for the last few years and the kids love it.  (FYI, These are the best window markers ever!)
My favorite parts of summer....  watching TV on my bed
Lazy mornings with sugary cereals and some serious bedhead.  
Wearing jammies and having crazy curly "I don't care" hair all day long.
 or wearing our favorite "Relaxipants (tm)"  all day and all night. 
 And the best part of course.....  Swimming!!
 Come and join us one and all for the Ultimate Super Mega Summer (Part Deux)!!  Let the wild rumpus begin!