Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec 15th, 16th, 17th,

On the 15th, I donned an apron and put on my mom hat to help Mr. Boy's class make gingerbread houses. It is fun to watch Mr. Boy in his element.
Afterwards, Mr. Boy and I did some Christmas shopping while re-enacting our favorite scenes from Elf. 
On the 16th, we braved the long line at the post office to send off gifts.  Mr. Boy learned a valuable lesson that it pays to be chivalrous and honest.  He went up to a lady and handed her at dollar that he saw her drop.  She thanked him and left the Post Office, and then came back to tell Mr. Boy how it made her day to see an honest young man.  She gave him the dollar to keep.
On the 17th, AK borrowed a trick box that Mr. Man got as a gift.  When you open it a rat jumps out at you, and it is hilarious if you fall for it.  
AK will hand it over to one of the Juan's and say, "Oh, hello Juan, I got you a present for you, will you open it?"
She has gone to each one of the Juan's individually and most of them have fallen for it.  We've had lots of laughs over it.  AK has a prosperous future being a conartist.

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