Saturday, December 04, 2010

December 4th

We started off the day with our last soccer game of the season. Mr. Boy is so sad, and loved his team. Their final game was stellar with Mr. Boy scoring 4 goals! (Only 3 counted, the last one was more of a bounce off his hand, but who cares! One of the even knocked the goalie off his feet, it was awesome Am I supposed to be proud of that? Because I totally am!) Later that evening we stole some of our favorite friend's kids and went to Bethlehem for the evening. We don't mess around, when it comes to Christmas... let's go to Israel for the evening.So maybe it was a replica Bethelehem Village, but it was really well done. We love these kids, they made us laugh the whole night.Their personalities are perfectly matched with our kids. We loved the Stable the best. Our pal is telling a secret to the little lamb. AK perferred to pass out hugs to all the animals.
And Mr. Boy.... couldn't get over how soft and fluffy these lambs were. He asked the sheperd if Lambs make good housepets. I'm hoping "a herd of sheep" don't pop up on his Christmas list.

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