Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 20th -23rd

We had epic rainfall for days on end, so we spent most of our time doing this:
On the 20th, I'd had enough so I caved and we joined the masses at the local indoor play place to get the wiggles out.   
 With Mr. Man off for the day on the 21st, we hit the fabulous Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Center
 The animals are unreal, all made out of discarded items.
 Mr. Man and I found this sweet swing inside the ark and snuggled for a bit while the kids played.  Since the rains still fell outside, we took notes about the ark and ark life, just in case we needed to build one of our own.
On the 22nd, we met up with some friends so we could puddle jump. 
 Later, we braved a last minute shopping trip to get some last minute gifts.  This is taken at 1pm in the afternoon. 
 Then we wrapped gifts together.
 I love gifts that kid's wrap themselves. 
 The 23rd was my company Christmas Party.  I love that my office does a family Christmas Party, and the kids love that they get gifts. 
That evening, we passed out our neighbor gifts.  The kids were getting a little nervous about Santa's arrival and so when we asked them to sing, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", they did it! We were shocked, and it was loved by our neighbors. We gave our neighbors, my secret homemade BBQ sauce.  Also, am I genius?  I used Cupcake Liners to cover the lids.  I swear I saw my grandma do that once, but my "canning posse" says I'm the first to do this. 

What? You don't have a "canning posse"?  That's crazy, ask Santa for one. 

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Hillary said...

Sadly, I didn't see this in time to ask Santa for a canning posse. Sounds pretty awesome though ;) Can't believe you got your kids to sing to the neighbors! That would count as a Christmas miracle around here.