Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bye Bye Baby Girl...

Somewhere in November, Mr. Boy started asking to sleep on the floor, instead of his bed. Since we are trying to be parents who say yes more often than no, we let him. The monsterous bunk bed has sat empty for two months. Early last week, AK crawled into Mr. Boy's bed, hoping to sleep there, and I decided to try it out. She got out of bed once to tell me that she was sleeping in a "big bed" and that was it.
So, I've got one kid in the lower bunk, one kid who prefers the floor, and a crowded room full of unused furniture. Ah.. no more. I took apart the crib and had a good little sniffle, as it has been in constant use for four and a half years. No more baby girl screaming "Mama, I'm Awake!" in the morning. Thanks to Mr. Man's muscles we moved the room around a bit, and promoted Mr. Boy to the top bunk. So far, all seems to be going well. The best part is the room is spacious!! The kids now have room to play and there has been many hours of hearing them dance around in the big open space instead of sleeping. Now, I think it's time for AK to pick out her own sheets, although right now she loves the cowboy ones, or as she refers to them the "Orse Peets".
Also, it's time for another version of SuperHero Stories! Here the Superheros are "having a slumber party at their Uncle's house." (My brother is in town at the NAMM convention promoting his awesome website Beathive and spent the night, thus we had a "slumber party". That's the phrase he uses anytime anyone sleeps over. Mr. Boy has been begging all day to have a slumber party at his uncles house) The superheros look like they are having a good time. I love how Batman is standing next to the open fridge, I'm pretty sure he's the host.

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