Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pardonner Notre Poussière

Pardon our Dust at Chateau du la French. I've had meetings with plumbers, masons, and contractors. The credit card is primed and ready to be swiped daily at Home Depot. This old house is getting a small facelift, all part of the "Big Plan" Mr. Man and I came up with over Christmas. It's exciting to imagine a dishwasher without duck tape, and exciting to make some changes.
If anyone has mason, plumbers, or handymans that they love, or is willing to come paint, let me know!!


Davis Family said...

yea - my dads company does plumming. they are awesome, but kinda expensive. They charge me $60 and hour - and i'm the owners daughter. but i can promise you they are super good. you can always call for a quote right? let me know if you want the number. I would guess they'd give you my same discount.

Carly said...

Funny you ask- Craig's sister just used a great electrician who was 1/3 of the price of the others and there is also Brian Gilmore who is great and I don't know yet (he is going to do some work for us) but I am sure he is reasonable and I know he is good.