Friday, January 25, 2008

Come Away With Me!!

Today, we got some very exciting mail! The kids passports arrived! Getting Mr. Boy's was not a problem, however AK's took a million hours of waiting in long lines at the Social Security Administration to get her application completed. Now our the whole family is Passport Approved and ready to travel.

Of course now that we have them, Mr. Man won't be getting many overseas assignments, because that is just how my luck runs. Before I had my passport, it was "oh, I'm going to Paris on Tuesday" and I never could join him. This last time was "We can go to Tokoyo for a month as a family", however the kids didn't have passports.

So, now we are ready. For sure we will go to Calgary next summer, so at least we are prepared. Each and every night I pray for a long term assignment in Paris for Mr. Man's work. "Please God.... send my cute family to Paris to live. I'd buy AK a little Madeline outfit and we'd have picnics underneath the Eiffel Tower. We'd spend afternoons at the Musee d'Orsay and the kids would say Merci to the Balloon Man at the park. We'd be so cute in Paris"

So far, no such luck. Maybe you all should start praying too!


yungmom said...

I need to get our passports as well. Thanks for reminding me. I do believe that since you were kind enough to remind me that a little Paris luck will be coming your way.

Karlea said...

Oh Wendy, what fun! I grew up in Calgary, so call me for fun trip ideas!!! I hope you get to go to Paris too. Can I come in your passport is so ready! Oh...and I can translate for you, but it seems you don't need that!!!