Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I did on my Christmas Vacation by Mr. Boy

I came up with cool outfits every day. Mr. Boy has really taken to dressing himself and creating ensembles that make a statement. I am proud most days of the choices he makes, he's got a decent eye. (It helps when mom, doesn't buy the cheesy stuff.) Notice how there is a bit of Orange in the plaid in his shirt, well he picked his Orange Crocs to wear because of this teeny strip of orange. So, because we had leisurely mornings in jammies, when it was time to dress, he took his time, picking each outfit out carefully. Every day it was accessorized, with a hat, glasses, or gloves. During my mandatory "Quiet Time" I created elaborate scenes with my toys. And he created elaborate stories to go along with them. The animals on the pillow in a pile are "Australian" hence they are on an island (that explains the pillow). Next to him there are animals sitting in shoes, which are really animals driving cars and speedboats. "Elephant Friend"** and his piggybacking Panda Pal near the front are escaping their evil jail, but got tangled in some fencing. I LOVE hearing his stories.
I did my part to help the Justice League defend the Universe. Every single day I run into a Justice League formation. They crack me up. Here, they surround "Justice League Headquarters, protecting it from the bad bad bad man who makes people sit in their rooms until they calm down" Apparently, the Justice League is a little bit of a Therapy tool for Mr. Boy.

**Elephant Friend... I'll post more details on him in the future, so check back! Also, other upcoming events include an interview with Mr. Man, and resolutions for 2007.


Carly said...

So cute- I love him, he has got an imagination that is GREAT!!! What fun! I would love to do a train ride with you and the kids- let's plan one- one of these days- plan for a good 3 hours. Happy New Year to you!

Beth said...

I love the Justice League Formation! Wait till he can read and write- then you'll get signs to go with the formations... ;)