Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elephant Friend aka as the Miracle of Adoption

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a blue stuffed kangaroo that he named "Friend". He played and slept with Friend constantly. The boy loved Friend so much that he loved off one of it's eyes, and replaced it with a bandaid. The boy grew into Mr. Man, and Friend was put away. Then along comes Mr. Man's son, Mr. Boy. He recieves this elephant as a gift and he gravitated towards it even as a small infant. When Mr. Boy is two years old he is frantic one night and is looking under the bed and in the toybox. I could tell he was looking for something, when I asked him what it was he said "Elephant Friend". We had never referred to it as Elephant Friend, just his Elephant. Ever since, the stuffed animal has been referred to by Mr. Boy as Elephant Friend... just like Mr. Man's beloved Friend.
Then flash forward to when Mr. Boy is 4 and we are sitting in the doctor's office reviewing his allergy test results. The doctor shows off the list of allergens, and it's identical to mine. I mention to the doctor, "oh, this is easy, these are all the same trees I'm highly allergic to." He says, "Oh yes.. well that makes sense, we find that allergies run in families, more on the maternal side.... but... wait...erm... uh.. wait.. no wait, that doesn't make sense in your case." Then he just kind of smiles and says, "well, I've just witnessed another the miracle of adoption, these kids, they tend to morph."

Sidenote: One day we were over at a friends house whom we had given an identical Elephant Friend to when their son was born. Nathan opened the closet to get a toy, and saw Elephant Friend in there, and exclaimed "Elephant Friend, WHAT are you doing HERE!?"


Cimblog (tm) said...

I had a blue monkey friend. We were playing one day and I was throwing him up and catching him....he landed on the roof.

Karlea said...

I love love love your Elephant Friend story Wendy. It's so true istn' it. I think God morphs their DNA in utero!! It is such a miracle. Not to mention your kids look just like you guys. Love your blog!!