Wednesday, November 02, 2011

21st Century Digital Boy

Do you know what I love most about the 21st century? 
I love that on any given 21st Century evening, you can be talking to your favorite 8 year old about his favorite topic: Mummies.  Specifically King Tutankhamun and when you get stumped, you can just  face time your favorite Egyptologist from the comfort of your own home, while wearing footie Pajamas, and making your Bionicles wrestle. That is exactly what we did tonight, and I learned in the process, that my mother, just like me, makes up a bunch of stuff when she doesn't know the answer to kids incessant questions. 

Apparently, Howard Carter, the man who discovered King Tut's tomb did not die a tragic death when a piano fell on him, nor did King Tut have hydrocephalus.  I'm beginning to wonder what else I was taught that was purely fiction.  I guess, like mother, like daughter.


Cimblog (tm) said...

...and I love that I have an Egyptologist on speed dial!

Laura "Redial" EllJayPea said...

I think your mom got away with a TON of stuff because she didn't have/get to teach you the fun facts of life.

jai said...

I love everything about this story.