Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have needed to go to Ikea for 3 weeks now, and every morning I wake up and say, "Today I will go to Ikea and get that one solitary part for AK's curtain rod."  I've been avoiding it, because I'd rather stay home. 
This little bird decided to join me in my homebody status by flying into my kitchen a few weeks ago.
 I do leave my house, but not voluntarily... it's for soccer, ballet, scouts, groceries.  Becoming a homebody has been a new experience for me.  Even Mr. Man is baffled, he has always thought of me as a bit of a shopaholic.  The truth is... I love being home.  When the kids are at school, I'd rather sit at my desk, look out at the hillsides and write rather than shop.  There is a contentment I feel in my house, that I have never felt before.  During this month of giving thanks, I'm giving thanks for not just a house... but a beautiful home.

P.S.  Have you entered Quite Contrary Mary's giveaway yet?  I am also a big fan of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is seriously our go to product in this house, just like Windex was in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"  

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