Monday, November 28, 2011

Wishful Thinking

In the spirit of the last few days of the Faux-prah's Favorite Things Giveaway I am posting what I would giveaway if I were a rich man.  

I have lusted after this La Cornue CornuF√© Stove in Provence Blue for years.  I don't know if I would actually have the guts to buy it in Powder Blue, I tend to get nervous about committing to a color for a big purchase.  I love this stove so much, I imagine myself stirring something on the stove while speaking to my perfectly behaved children in fluent French.   One day I will have this stove and I will make amazing meals for everyone on it.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments are not something everyone talks about, but it is a gift I gave myself.this year and it is fabulous!  At the end of my treatment I am hoping to throw away my razors. 


  If I could, I would give everyone a Beach House.  I know I've mentioned before how Santa Barbara
is home for me. I dream of having a vacation home there and spending our Super Ultimate Mega Summers there.

The last item on my list is a Classic Porsche 356 Speedster.   I want one of these so bad, and I know I would look fabulous driving around town in one.  You know what, you would look fabulous in it as well.   My neighbor had one when I was growing up in Candy Apple Red and I have fond memories of going for rides in it with my hair blowing in the wind. I would trade my mom-mobile in for this in a heartbeat.

 If I could giveaway these items, I would, but alas I can not.  However, you can enter my Faux-Prah's Favorite Things Giveaway and win a gift card to Nordstroms.   The giveaway has been extended until Wednesday due to the Holiday Weekend.   Don't forget to enter Quite Contrary Mary's giveaway to win her favorite things.  What is one item you would give away if money was no object? 

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