Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Give oh Give Away

I am so excited about the Faux-Prah Favorite Things Giveaway and I'm excited you are entering!  If I could, I would give everyone a Mr. 7 Hands.  (Did you know I just imagined myself standing on a stage screaming, "You get a Mr. 7 Hands! You get a Mr. 7 Hands!  EVERYONNNNNNNNNNNNNE gets a Mr. 7 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaands!"  Just like Oprah.  Seriously Oprah, I'm glad you are a quitter, now is my time in the spotlight.) 
For your enjoyment, here is the SNL version of Oprah's Favorite Things audience.  I laugh until I cry every single time I watch it.

You have a few more days to enter! Just leave a comment on my giveaway post by clicking here


Martha said...

I do like milk...but maybe this is what you were going to post?

I am still laughing over faux-prah! :)

Mary said...

Love my imaginary BFF Tina Fey eating the ham.