Monday, November 14, 2011

First Faux-Prah Winner and How I celebrated 11/11/11 at 11:11pm

Mr. Man has a large extended family and has approximately 4,012 first cousins.  I have exactly two cousins, yes two.  The last time I saw my cousins, I was 12, so I wouldn't say that we are close. At first Mr. Man's large extended family was overwhelming, but I have embraced them.  I love them, and now many of them are married and have kids of their own.  We call the cousin's offspring "Mini-cousins" and my kids love having family gatherings with them.  On the Occasion of 11/11/11, we got a few of the cousins together to celebrate. 
We laughed and talked, and mocked my "$6.99 hairs cut".  I think my new years resolution will be no more cheapie hair cuts, but you know that moment when you just can't stand your hair anymore and you get desperate?  
Evening Highlights: with the cousins:  Playing Twister for Kinect (cheesy game but we laughed a lot),  Posing for a picture at 11:11pm, and making fools of ourselves doing the Digg and Torch playing Dance Central.
See how much fun Mr. Man is having, it's actually his new "look".  Earlier this year he tried sporting a beard and a toothy grin, now he is going for more of a freaky stare.  Here is a pic from Halloween...  spooky, I don't love it.
Also, who wants to be the very first Faux-Prah giveaway winner!!!  
KRCrafts from I made this myself!  Congratulations, you and Mr. 7 Hands will be so very happy together, I just know it.  I hope you don't faint from excitement upon reading this.  KRCrafts - shoot me an email at qwendykay at to retrieve your Faux-Prah's Favorite Things Gifts.  

For all of those who didn't win, don't despair.  All this week my favorite faux sister Quite Contrary Mary will be giving away her favorite things. Then the following week, we will both be hosting giveaways!!  Tis the season of giving here on our blogs. 


Anonymous said...

Psst. Cheap haircuts are the new black. ;-) Fantastic Sams is my new favorite place.


Cimblog (tm) said...

dude...i love your new haircut! your new years resolution should be MORE cheap cuts!

krcrafts said...

I get a Mr. 7 Hands!! How exciting! Tons of fun being the first Faux-Prah winner :)

krcrafts said...

Thank you :D

Megan said...

You got together without me?!?!