Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grateful for the Extras

It's Thanksgiving time, my mom's favorite time of year. I miss her and little reminders of her are everywhere. My heart aches as I see moms and daughters at the grocery store picking up last minute items for the Thanksgiving feast. Even through the tears and the grief,  I am filled with gratitude and finding myself pausing during the day to give thanks for the things I have.

Yesterday, I had three extra kids for the day spanning ages 3-8.  I forgot what simple tenderness there is in holding onto a little hand for safety.  While I played taxi for our budding Ballerina, Mr. Man held down the fort.  I came home to a busy house, with two kids reading under the big old pine tree, 1 kid helping Mr. Man dig a hole, and another playing Barbies inside.  We always thought we would have four kids, but life just hasn't worked out that way, and maybe this is how it is supposed to be, just our two kids and a whole lot of room for "extras". Thank you for the "extras" that joined us yesterday and for the extra laughter that I heard during their stay.

Later, the hillside beckoned, we had a picnic, read some more, and built a "coyote trap" out of sticks.  Thank you Mr. Man for working hard to provide for us this amazing house.  Thank you beloved "Chalet" for the adventures you provide daily to us

The kids ran races and Zoey joined in.  I begin to wonder if she thinks she is a child and not merely just a dog.  Her tail wagged nonstop and she dutifully found more sticks for the coyote trap. Thank you for the dogs who have graced our life both old and young.  

Later that night, spaghetti was made, some with sauce, some with butter, some with cheese. I looked around our full table and gave thanks.  Thank you for the extras who fill our table and our hearts.


Anonymous said...

I experience that also with going shopping & seeing the mothers & daughters..sometimes i feel very compelled to walk up & grab them & say love your mother and enjoy every minute you have with her..but i don't, it may freak people out(: thankful to have a daughter (she is 16) that enjoys being with her momma..I look at her & think how the circle of life continues & then we proceed to act crazy & silly in the store & end up freaking people out anyway LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family. Deb

Laura "Redial" EllJayPea said...

Thanks for letting this "extra" aunty come to your house today. I love being with your awesome family!

Brooke said...

Love this post ;) Can't wait to see you in a few days!!